Sunday, July 05, 2015
President Russell Begaye honors Navajo Code Talker Bahe Ketchum
Officials meet to discuss closure of Crownpoint Medical Center
Navajo Nation leaders meet to address top priorities
NM Native-american-tax-exemption
Navajo Nation supports Congressional bills to prohibit Tohono O’odham Nation casino development in t
Pinon Unified School District loses nine buses to overnight fire
Navajo Area I.H.S. Provides an Update on Health Services at Crownpoint Healthcare Facility
President Begaye, Vice President Nez meet with U.S. Congressmen, Senators
OPVP Executive Branch Eastern Agency Council Report
President Begaye, Vice President Nez encourage public to be cautious when traveling
Resolution requiring candidates to satisfy ethics violations prior to running for office becomes law
Tree Harvest Permits Being Issued at No Charge
Grand opening of Kayenta public safety facility
Health, Education, and Human Services Committee receives report regarding Project K’é
Casting Call Now for Filming in AUG 10 thru 28 - CASTING CALL Two Navajo Male Roles, Tucson AZ
President Begaye, Vice President Nez honor Navajo Nation Treaty Day
President Begaye, Vice President Nez address San Juan County fire protection services
NM Indian Affairs Dept News Blast May 22
President Begaye Vice President Nez Urge Caution When Traveling
President Begaye Vice President Nez Issue Memorial Day Message
Navajo Head Start celebrates end of year, student promotions
Navajo Nation Council to consider referendum measures in Special Session
President Begaye immediately responds to Tohajiilee Chapter state of emergency
President Begaye inspects Tohajiilee water well, meets with chapter president
President Begaye encourages public safety after Tuba City bank robbery
Delegate Damon presents infrastructure funds to chapters
Navajo Head Start celebrates 50 years
President Begaye meets with ASU leadership, attends convocations
Navajo Nation Council approves bill requiring candidates to satisfy ethics violations before running
Council tables referendum measures citing the need for additional input and comprehensive planning
President Begaye, Vice President Nez issue message to Navajo graduates
Statement from Speaker LoRenzo Bates regarding misleading Gallup Independent headline
Fourth of July Press Release 29th Annual Navajo Nation Fourth of July Celebration
NNOPVP: The Navajo Nation Subject: Travel Restrictions
President Begaye and Vice President Nez Broadcast Cabinet Appointments
Budget and Finance Committee approves Gaming Net Revenue Distribution Policy for 110 Navajo Chapters
Navajo Nation Council to consider referendum measures in Special Session
Department of Community Development Newsletter - May 2015
President Begaye immediately responds to Tohajiilee Chapter state of emergency
Speaker LoRenzo Bates welcomes President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez
Groups Seek to Stop Unstudied Chaco Fracking
Navajo Head Start creates job opportunities
Navajo Police involved in high-speed pursuit, two suspects dead
PNM’s Application to Raise Residential Rates Unanimously Rejected by the PRC
Navajo Nation to refinance loan for judicial and public safety facilities
President Shelly celebrates Thompson’s Store groundbreaking
President Shelly issues Mother’s Day statement, encourages family unity
President Shelly breaks ground for Phase I of Thoreau Industrial Park Railhead
Dr. Tommy Lewis goes to Washington D.C. to Present Testimony Before the Senate Committee on Indian A
PRC Vice-Chair Lovejoy Awarded for Years of Service at Tribal Telecom Conference
Law and Order Committee recommends removal of Chief Justice Herb Yazzie
Four Corners Power Plant and Navajo Energy Mine Project EIS:
NFD - Campfire Safety Tips
Navajo Nation Special Presidential Election April 21 2015 Unofficial Election Night Results
No Off Reservation Travel Memo
President Shelly unveils Navajo Transit System $2 million electric bus
Pipeline Safety Bureau Officials Celebrate Safe Digging Month
Navajo Police arrest Navajo male on narcotics and weapons charges
Navajo leaders testify at Senate Field Hearing at Crow Agency
Resources and Development Committee certifies the Casamero Lake Chapter’s Five Management System
President Shelly approves cooperative agreement, meets BIA, ENLC
Budget and Finance Committee approves the Healthy Diné Nation Community Wellness Development Project
Law and Order Committee approves Navajo Nation owned enterprises and corporations to be reclassified
Navajo Nation finalizes Cooperative Agreement for federal Land Buy Back Program
Governor Martinez signs off on New Mexico Gaming Compact
MOA Between Gallup McKinely County School District and Navajo Nation
National Indian education leaders view Navajo housing documentary
Application for Exemption for American Indians & Alaska Natives Eligible to Receive Services from...
College Fees and Tuition Now Waived for Foster Children in New Mexico
JAN thru JUL - Health Fairs 2015, Ft Defiance Agency
APR thru SEPT 2015 Wellness & Spay and Neuter Schedule, Navajo Nation Wide
National Awareness Calender 2014
National Cancer Awarness Calender
National Ribbon Awareness Months
Navajo Nation weekly Council Meetings
JUNE Window Rock Fitness Schedule 2015
JUN 9 thru JUL 28 - 18th Annual Family Fun Run and Walk, Navajo Nation Wide
JUN 13 thru AUG 1 - 2015 Defiance X-Country Series
JUN 16 and JUL 9 - FDODY 2015 Summer Program Outreach, Twin Lakes NM
JUN 18 and JUL 7 - FTODY - 2015 Summer Program Outreach, Oak Springs AZ
JUN 19 thru JUL 4 - 2015 Kayenta 4th of July Celebration/Field Day, Kayenta AZ
JUN 25 - JAN 30 2016 - 40 Years with the Navajo Pt2
JUN 25, JUL 9, 21, 28 - Youth Culture Day Camps, Ft Defiance agency
REVISED: FREE CONCERT: JUL 1 - Hemlock, Testify, Born of Winter, Obsolete, Window Rock AZ
JUL 2 thru 5 - 29th Annual Navajo Nation Fourth of July Celebration, Window Rock AZ
JUL 7 - Fort Sumner and the Navajo Long Walk, Window Rock AZ
JUL 8, 9, 10 - Navajo Nation Domestic Violence Training, Chinle AZ
JUL 9, 10 - Financial Management Seminar, Window AZ
JUL 15, 16 - Substance Abuse Awareness Conference, Gallup NM
JUL 21, 22, 23 - Teens for Soccer camp, St Michaels AZ
JUL 23 - Professional Administriative Assistant Training, St Michaels AZ
JUL 23 thru 26 - 2015 Navajo Eastren Navajo Fair, Crownpoint NM
JUL 25 thru AUG 1 - 2015 Running for a Stronger and Healthier, Navajo Nation Wide
JUL 25, OCT 24 Chinle Agency Half Marathon Chinle 2015
JUL 27 thru 31 - Quick Tour of Economics College Pre Course, Flagstaff AZ
JUL 28 - Sucide Prevention, St Michaels AZ
JUL 29 thru 31 - Postvention Train the Trainer, St Michaels, AZ
AUG 10 thru 28 - CASTING CALL Two Navajo Male Roles, Tucson AZ
AUG 18, 19, 20 - Child Care Health Consultation Training Series, Tucson AZ
AUG 19 thru 21 - Native American BI Summit, Albuquerque NM
SEPT 15, 16, 17 - 2015 National Native American Background Investigation and Technology Conference,
OCT 1 thru 4 - 2015 Northern Navajo Nation Fair, Shiprock NM
OCT 12, 13, 14 - Achieving Excellence, Harmony, and Balance Conference, Seattle, WA
NOV 4 thru 6 - 123th Annl Fatherhood is Leadership Conference, Mesa AZ


Navajo Nation Office of Broadcast Services will inspire and empower the Navajo people through the sacred power of communication. We will be an essential and cultural resource, ensuring and disseminating factual information for the sake of knowledge and intelligence for the Navajo people.


To always provide public mass communication services to the people of the great Navajo Nation. Creating, producing and distributing culutally-aware programs and services that educate, inform and engage our audiences.


The purpose of the Navajo Nation Office of Broadcast Services is to promote the expansion and strengthening of new and existing mass communication services to the Navajo People.


  1. Produce public information, news educational programs, archival documentation and other media announcements for distribution to area media outlets including but not limited to Audio, Video, Broadband, Internet Webcasting, Photography, Filming.
  2. Develop and implement fee schedules and grant permission to individuals, cinematography matters involving the use of the Nation's resources, citizens, culture and land. However, nothing with the Plan of Operation shall be construed to limit amateur photography of cinematography by other means by journalist members of the press for the use in news account pertaining to the Navajo Nation.
  3. Where requested and appropriate, review materials slated for release or production for cultural accuracy.
  4. Maintain an average of 100 hours of local programming hours, archival video and radio production.
  5. Maintain a revenue stream from video/audio production utilizing digitally enhanced production services.
  6. The issuance of commercial film/photography permits.
  7. Maintain a revenue stream from the number of permits issued.
  8. To adopt and implement phased projects toward digital transition of television and radio.


  1. Production of audio or visual segments for public service announcements, educational announcements, emergencies, public-community project updates, and public health/safety awareness.
  2. An all-Navajo language programming (one bi-lingual).
  3. Loyal network with seven regional radio stations:
    • KABR – Alamo, NM
    • KTDB – Pine Hill, NM
    • KGLP – Gallup, NM
    • KYAT - Gallup, NM  
    • KHAC - Tse Bonito, NM 
    • KWIM - Tse Bonito, NM 
    • KTBA - Tuba City, AZ 
    • KRMH - Red Mesa, AZ 
    • KUYI - Hopi, AZ 
    • These stations receive our daily broadcast programs in partnership. 

  1. Only we have all-media access to closed Navajo Nation Governmental sessions, i.e. Closed or special council sessions, Presidential/executive addresses, and Judicial sessions. 
  2. Land use permits for commercial filming, photography and cinematography with respect to Navajo Nation resources and culture.

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