Wednesday, October 17, 2018


To always provide public mass communication services to the people of the great Navajo Nation. Creating, producing and distributing culturally-aware programs and services that educate, inform and engage our audiences.


  1. To provide televison, film and media production services on the Navajo Nation. 
  2. Issue commerical film, photography and cinematography permit throughout the Navajo Nation, excluding Parks & Recreations of whom issues their own commerical film permits. 
  3. Livestreaming (i.e. Navajo Nation Council Sessions, Navajo Nation Rodeo, Miss Navajo Pageant).
  4. Only we have all-media access to closed Navajo Nation Governmental sessions, i.e. Closed or special council sessions, Presidential/executive addresses, and Judicial sessions. 












»  Navajo Times

»  Indian Country Today


»  Native America Calling

»  Native Voice One

»  The Circle

»  Wisdom of the Elders

»  Native News Network


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