Monday, November 24, 2014
Navajo Nation pleased to work with U.S. EPA on proposed carbon rule for tribes
The BIA Begins the Final Solution to the Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute
Speaker Pro Tem's Report - Fall Council Session
OPVP's State of the Nation Address 2014 Fall Session
Video of President Ben Shelly vetoing Legislation No. CO-47-14
Council adjourns prior to considering election qualifications
Directives given to Kayenta Township and Kayenta Chapter pertaining to over-due profit-sharing agree
David Tom resigns as council delegate
President Shelly praises $4.4 million Raytheon Dine’ Facility expansion
Naabik’iyátí’ Committee endorses Arizona political candidates
IHS Announces Change in Health Care Services for Beneficiaries in the Ganado Service Area
Council Delegate Katherine Benally attends signing of the Dennehotso Sweat Equity Project
Speaker Pro Tem LoRenzo Bates addresses Domestic Violence Conference
National Indian education leaders view Navajo housing documentary
Law and Order Committee approves amendment to the Navajo Nation justices and judges salary schedule
President Shelly vetoes amendments to language requirements
Protect kids’ teeth; prevent school absences
Iiná baa’ áhayá - Take Care of Your Life
Council amends language requirements within Election Code
RDC approves FY 2015 Tribal Transportation Improvement Program
Naize steps down from the Navajo Nation Council
Vice President Rex Lee Jim returns home from hospitalization, now in recovery
Larry Rodgers appointed interim Chief of Staff for legislative branch
Tuba City man sentenced to 5 years in prison for attempted robbery
President Shelly attends Miss Indian Ariz. Pageant, also meets with NFL
Navajo Nation Health Advisory – Ebola Virus Disease
Additional public hearings scheduled for the $554 million Trust Mismanagement Agreement
Health, Education, and Human Services Committee approves Healthy Diné Nation Act of 2014
Navajo Board of Election Supervisors votes to proceed with general election
Navajo Nation signs historic agreement and awarded $554 million from the United States
President Shelly signs official commemorative memorandum accepting $554 million trust settlement, ur
RDC approves FY 2015 Tribal Transportation Improvement Program
Application for Exemption for American Indians & Alaska Natives Eligible to Receive Services from...
College Fees and Tuition Now Waived for Foster Children in New Mexico
National Awareness Calender 2014
National Cancer Awarness Calender
National Ribbon Awareness Months
NOV 17 - Navajo Nation Council Meetings
October Window Rock Fitness Schedule 2014
NOV 4 thru 25 - Turkeytrot, Ft Defiance Agency
NOV 18 thru 20 - 2014 NAVAJO NATION TOURISM EXPO, Twin Arrows AZ
NOV 20 - MSPI's Culture Night Navajo Calendar Story, Ft Defiance AZ
NOV 20 - MSPI's Culture Night Winter Corn Food, Ft Defiance AZ


Navajo Nation Office of Broadcast Services will inspire and empower the Navajo people through the sacred power of communication. We will be an essential and cultural resource, ensuring and disseminating factual information for the sake of knowledge and intelligence for the Navajo people.


To always provide public mass communication services to the people of the great Navajo Nation. Creating, producing and distributing culutally-aware programs and services that educate, inform and engage our audiences.


The purpose of the Navajo Nation Office of Broadcast Services is to promote the expansion and strengthening of new and existing mass communication services to the Navajo People.


  1. Produce public information, news educational programs, archival documentation and other media announcements for distribution to area media outlets including but not limited to Audio, Video, Broadband, Internet Webcasting, Photography, Filming.
  2. Develop and implement fee schedules and grant permission to individuals, cinematography matters involving the use of the Nation's resources, citizens, culture and land. However, nothing with the Plan of Operation shall be construed to limit amateur photography of cinematography by other means by journalist members of the press for the use in news account pertaining to the Navajo Nation.
  3. Where requested and appropriate, review materials slated for release or production for cultural accuracy.
  4. Maintain an average of 100 hours of local programming hours, archival video and radio production.
  5. Maintain a revenue stream from video/audio production utilizing digitally enhanced production services.
  6. The issuance of commercial film/photography permits.
  7. Maintain a revenue stream from the number of permits issued.
  8. To adopt and implement phased projects toward digital transition of television and radio.


  1. Production of audio or visual segments for public service announcements, educational announcements, emergencies, public-community project updates, and public health/safety awareness.
  2. An all-Navajo language programming (one bi-lingual).
  3. Loyal network with seven regional radio stations:
    • KABR – Alamo, NM
    • KTDB – Pine Hill, NM
    • KGLP – Gallup, NM
    • KYAT - Gallup, NM  
    • KHAC - Tse Bonito, NM 
    • KWIM - Tse Bonito, NM 
    • KTBA - Tuba City, AZ 
    • KRMH - Red Mesa, AZ 
    • KUYI - Hopi, AZ 
    • These stations receive our daily broadcast programs in partnership. 

  1. Only we have all-media access to closed Navajo Nation Governmental sessions, i.e. Closed or special council sessions, Presidential/executive addresses, and Judicial sessions. 
  2. Land use permits for commercial filming, photography and cinematography with respect to Navajo Nation resources and culture.

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